How to Connect Your Wallet and Claim Your Signature NFTs

GriffinAI Team
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

How to Connect Your Web3 Wallet 

Connecting your web3 wallet is easy and straightforward. Please note that currently, only Metamask is supported. 


You have two options for connecting your wallet:

During Registration: Connect your wallet while registering your account. 

After Registration: Connect your wallet later via the account settings menu located in the upper right corner of the dashboard. 

In both cases, follow these steps: 

Click "Connect": Select the "Connect" option next to WalletConnect. 


Sign the Transaction: You will need to sign a transaction to complete the connection. This process does not incur any fees.


That’s it, you have successfully connected your web3 wallet to the Griffin AI Platform. 

If you prefer, you can use a new wallet specifically for your Griffin AI activities. 


What is Base Chain? 

Base Chain (Base) is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain network developed by Coinbase. As a decentralized platform, Base supports a wide range of dApps and smart contracts.  
It's also the chain we will use for minting and distributing NFTs as you advance in ranks. 


How to Add Base Chain to Metamask 

Metamask provides native support for Base. Follow these simple steps to add Base Chain to your Metamask: 

1. Open Metamask and log in. 

2. Click on the Network Switcher in the upper left corner. 


3. Select “Add Network.”


4. On the new screen, locate "Base Mainnet" and click "Add" next to it.


5. In the confirmation window that appears, click “Approve.”


6. Click "Switch to Base Mainnet" to switch to the Base network. 

7. Base is now added to your quick Network Switcher menu. You can easily switch between Base and other networks from the upper left corner. 


How to Claim NFTs? 

Our signature NFTs recognize your achievements as you move up the ranks. 


Once you accumulate enough points to earn the NFT, you'll need to claim it manually. Here’s how: 

When you qualify for the NFT, a banner will appear on the home page once you log in to the Contributors Program. 

Click the "Mint NFT" button on the right. We at Griffin will handle the rest. There are no transaction fees for minting—it's on us! 

To claim your NFT, you must have connected your web3 wallet first. For detailed instructions on connecting your wallet, refer to Question 2, "How to Connect Your Web3 Wallet." 


How to Add Your NFT to Metamask? 

Adding your NFT to Metamask is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps: 


1. Open Metamask and navigate to the NFT tab.


2. Scroll down and click on "Import NFT." 


3. Use the appropriate NFT contract address: 

  • NFT Rank 2 contract address: 0xfe83f81df19e5a733c93e39bf022852d03b6c57a 
  • NFT Rank 6 contract address: 0x74C5d142c3d8cf8458728e758665e85CfC86d91d

How to find and add your unique Token ID?

  • Go to BaseScan and enter the wallet address connected to your Griffin AI profile in the search bar at the top. 
  • Click on "ERC721 Token Txns" and locate your Griffin NFT.  
  • Look under the "Token" column for "" The Token ID is the serial number listed in the "Token ID" column.


  • Copy this number and paste it into the Token ID field in Metamask and click “Import”.


That's it! You have successfully added your GriffinAI NFT to your Metamask. 

Please keep in mind that MetaMask might take some time to update and display your NFT. Until then, a default image might be shown. 

The first two NFT collections can be found on OpenSea: