Griffin’s AI Platform v1.0 is Live!

GriffinAI Team
Thursday, May 23, 2024

👋 Hi GRIFFINdors Community! 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Griffin AI Platform v1.0 as a technical base for contributor program for early adopters! This initiative has the goal to engage builders and community supporters and distribute airdrop tokens to participants. 

With AI blowing up right now, GriffinAI is riding the wave with our mission to bring AI Agents into the web3 world. We’re stoked about the huge interest from our community – over 3,000 GRIFFINdors have already joined our pre-season 1 OG-list! 

In an era where AI development is typically dominated by large corporations, GriffinAI is paving a new path by decentralizing AI and empowering community members to earn directly from their contributions. This approach ensures that the benefits of AI advancements are distributed more equitably, allowing individuals to learn, grow, and be rewarded for their participation. 

The Role of Tokens in Decentralized Communities 

GriffinAI leverages the power of blockchain technology to create an on-chain network and decentralized community. Tokens play a crucial role in the decentralized communities. The GriffinAI team is aiming at Token Generation Event (TGE) around Q3 of this year. 

In Season 1 contributors can earn points by engaging with the platform, primarily by helping us to build better AI Agents. To build better AI algorithms we need constant flow of the feedback from people using our agents and providing valuable feedback. The big advantage for participating community members is that they not only earn future token but most importantly develop AI skills. This makes the learning process both rewarding and profitable. By earning points, contributors can actively participate in the ecosystem, building a decentralized AI with us.  

Griffin Points / XP 

The Griffin Contributors program is designed to reward community members who contribute to revolutionizing Web3 AI Agents. Participants can earn points by interacting with the demo of AI Agents which will be launch on the platform. As we continue to develop more exciting agents, they will be plugged into the GriffinAI network at Mainnet launch. Working on building AI agents with us will be equally challenging and interesting. We are starting now with one set of agents, build with the goal to substitute human investment research analyst. His job today is to analyse news, search for relevant token information and write research reports. Later we will move on to second set of agents which are built to take over the jobs of bankers and asset managers. We call them transaction execution agents.  
Read more here about our agents. 

How to Get Started 

Ready to dive in? Let’s start by building the best and smartest investment research analyst the world has ever seen. Help us train the AI algorithms that our Machine Learning engineers have created. Our current algorithm scans crypto news from hundreds of sources and rates them across 6,000 criteria based on relevancy and quality. Only the best make the cut. 

To improve our algorithm, we need your feedback on how well the news was selected. By choosing the most relevant/best news, you give our algorithm the signals it needs to improve iteratively. When you rate results on ChatGPT, you don’t get any financial gratification from OpenAI or Microsoft. With us – you rate, you earn. 

Ready to make AI smarter? Join us and let’s revolutionize investment research together!  

Head over to the GriffinAI Platform v1.0, create an account, and start exploring! If you have any questions, our vibrant community on Discord and Telegram is always ready to help. 

A Huge Thank You!

This milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from our community. A heartfelt thank you to each one of you! 🥰 We are excited to share more updates and continue this journey together. Stay tuned for more! 

Join us in revolutionizing the AI landscape and be a part of the GriffinAI community today! 

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Thank you for your unwavering support! 

The GriffinAI Team