Guide to Joining and Contributing to GriffinAI

FAQ: All you need to know about Griffin's Early Contributors Program

1. What is the Griffin AI Platform?

The Griffin AI Platform is our universal dashboard that provides access to our different AI Agents, AI Marketplace, and connected services. Currently, it hosts our Contributors Program.

2. What is the Contributors Program?

The Contributors Program is an interactive dashboard where registered users can perform tasks such as liking their favorite news, daily check-ins, and inviting friends and family. Users earn points for these activities, which will go towards our future airdrop.

3. How do I register for the Contributors Program?

Visit and click on "Register a new Griffin Account" or click here.

4. What is a referral code?

A referral code is a randomized 8-character code consisting of letters and numbers, such as oaG0yC2Z. Registering with a referral code rewards both you and your referrer with bonus points as you advance through the ranks. 

Read more in our blog article: Referral System and User Ranks Explained

5. How do I get a referral code?

Head to our Discord server and ask in the main chat.

6. Do I need to verify my email?

Verifying your email is an essential and required step. When you register, you will receive a verification email. Please make sure to check your spam folder too. Add the email address we use for communication, cs @, to your contacts list to avoid missing important messages from us.

7. Do I need to connect my wallet?

Connecting your wallet is not required initially, but you will need to connect it once you want to claim your first Signature NFT at Rank 2 and 1’000 points.

8. How do I connect my wallet?

Click on "Connect Wallet" and follow the on-screen steps. At one point, you will be asked to sign a standard verification message to confirm ownership. This message does not require any gas. 

It is not required to have funds in the wallet; you may use an empty wallet. 
Read more in our blog article: How to Connect Your Wallet and Claim Your Signature NFTs

9. What is News Voting?

Each day, you can like three of your favorite news articles displayed to you at that moment. News is constantly updated and rotated, and by liking the articles shown, you help train the first Griffin AI Agent. For this, we reward you with 100 points. 

You can come back the next calendar day and vote again. 

10. What is Daily Check-In?

After liking your three favorite news articles for the day, you can complete the Daily Check-In to earn 60 points. Stay active and complete five daily check-ins in a row to unlock an additional bonus of 200 points.

11. What are Referral Points?

You earn points for each valid referral. 

12. What is a valid referral?

A valid referral is someone who uses your referral link or unique code to register for the Griffin AI Platform and reaches at least Rank 2. 

13. How many points do I earn per referral?

Both you and your valid referral earn points from Rank 2 to Rank 10. When your referral reaches Rank 2, you both earn 50 points each. At Rank 10, you both earn 5100 points each. 

You can view the full reward table in our dedicated help article.

14. What are the points used for?

The points you earn will be used towards our future airdrop. 

15. What is “Mint NFT”?

When you reach certain ranks - Rank 2, Rank 6, and Rank 10 - you become eligible for our signature NFTs. To claim your NFT, you must click on "Mint NFT." 

Please ensure your web3 wallet is connected to be able to claim your Signature NFT. 

16. Does minting an NFT cost anything?

No, minting is absolutely free. We handle the minting process in batches, and the NFT will be sent to your connected address. 

17. On which blockchain are Griffin’s Signature NFTs?

The NFTs are on the Base blockchain. You can view it on OpenSea and add it to MetaMask. 

For more information, please refer to our Help Article.

18.Can I sell my NFT?

This is a Soulbound NFT, meaning it is non-transferable, so you cannot sell it. It's a badge to remind you of your contribution to the Griffin AI Network. 

Please keep in mind that owning one or multiple of Griffin's Signature NFTs may be tied to your future airdrop eligibility.

19. Will there be a Griffin token?

We plan to introduce a Griffin token in the future. More details will be announced as we progress. 

20. What is the duration of Season 1?

Please stay active in our Community Channels to keep up with our timeline and development plans.

21. Someone reached out to me on Discord/Telegram/Twitter with a Griffin investment opportunity.

We will never contact you with unsolicited investment opportunities, nor will we ask for your login details, password, or request you to transfer funds.