GriffinAI Launches in Switzerland: Revolutionizing AI Agents with On-Chain Autonomy and Collaboration

GriffinAI Team
Sunday, May 12, 2024

GriffinAI initiator team: Oliver, Ivan, Arsen, Art, Oleg, Alexander, Colin, Olga

Our team is excited to announce the official launch of GriffinAI project. The project is initiated by Oliver Feldmeier, who previously built the first fully regulated digital asset platform in Switzerland in 2017 and successfully executed IPO on Nasdaq. The team behind GriffinAI project comprises an experienced team with deep expertise in both the blockchain and machine learning industries and spans from launching innovative startups to holding pivotal roles in top global brands and leading technology corporations.  

GriffinAI is a merger of AI and blockchain technology 

I agents will be the next big wave in technology and our mission is to build a decentralized platform where people and AI agents work together to create value in a permissionless and secure way.   

 In the Web2 world, companies like OpenAI offer AI services through APIs, for fiat payments, in a centrally controlled manner. However, the upcoming fast development of Agents will require a more advanced transaction framework. This is where the Web3's peer-to-peer decentralized architecture comes into play. It is the perfect foundation for a new form of collaboration between AI and humans. It enables permissionless but secure transaction frameworks ready for AI age.


The limitation of today’s early AI agents in performing tasks can only be overcome with a new approach, one that embraces the power of decentralization. By integrating AI agents into blockchain-based networks such as GriffinAI, our team and community firmly believe that they can become more autonomous and useful. For example, in the GriffinAI network, each agent will possess an individual ID and wallet, enabling them to transact and manage more complex tasks autonomously. 

Governed by Law and Technology 

A key to the project's success is its deep decentralization and proper legal setup. Thanks to our team's extensive expertise in regulatory and compliance matters, we established GriffinAI as a non-profit foundation in Liechtenstein. With this we integrate the best of two worlds: legal foundations for clear accountability and technological innovations for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)-like governance. The GriffinAI Foundation, headquartered in Liechtenstein, acts as the official legal entity representing the interests of our non-profit open platform. Committed to open-source principles, our foundation will strive to attract leading minds in AI and Blockchain. 

Technical components of GriffinAI network 

The GriffinAI platform is built on several fundamental components such as  

  • A decentralized network of distributed nodes for permissionless access to AI, including an authentication and payment layer; 
  • An registry and reputation framework, allowing AI agents to establish trust and accountability; 
  • An AI Agent framework to develop and deploy AI Agents in the blockchain environment.   

The Participants of the network are AI Solution providers such as LLM Model providers; Agent Developers, Dapps and the users themselves. GriffinAI allows any developer to build and monetize their agents in a permissionless manner without reliance on centralized servers or a single company.  

However, this opens up potential risks from subpar or even malicious applications. To mitigate these risks, we seek to establish trust within the ecosystem through on-chain ID and third-party verifications. On the GriffinAI network, any agent or agent developer will be able to operate a node and establish their identity using the Griffin public key. This is the first step on the path of building their reputation without falling into the trap of dependency on corporations and storing data in a centralized manner.  

Developers can build better agents within secure and permissionless network 

The permissionless nature of the platform means that Web3 developers and AI engineers can build AI agents for just about any field. The network is fully open and with no one controlling it. The advantage of Web3-enabled Agents hosted on the GriffinAI network is that they will be able to:

  • Securely communicate peer-to-peer and collaborate with other agents and humans; 
  • Own their wallets and execute transactions cheap and fast on-chain; 
  • Establish their own identity with the GriffinAI public key and build their reputation. 

The advantage for DApp builders is that running the node on GriffinAI will enable them to simply integrate any Agents on the network into their product, potentially radically improving customer experience and functionality. 

GriffinAI Agents and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 

Our team began developing the first agent prototypes for the GriffinAI project last summer. To address the biggest pain point of crypto investing, the team focused on Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We envisage a team of agents which will substitute a traditional investment management team such as: a research analyst, an execution manager and a risk manager.  


The research analyst agent prototype, launched under the brand ELANN.AI last October, aggregates and evaluates news, delivering AI-generated summaries and reports from over 100 news sources in various avatars and tones of voice. Elann never sleeps and delivers information in the style and language of your choice.  

In January, leveraging multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and in collaboration with Smart Valor, GriffinAI released the first localized version of ELANN for the Korean market, which brought about a partnership with Korea's second-largest exchange, Bithumb, and the subsequent integration of ELANN.AI into its non-custodial wallet, Burrito.

Vesper and Warren AI

The second agent, VesperAI, is the pioneering AI Agent designed to replace a human Transaction Execution Manager and it will make your defi transactions for you. Imagine discussing your DeFi transactions with your wallet as easily as you would with a banker! focuses on the other key aspect: managing risk. It leverages GriffinAI's technology to help users build balanced DeFi portfolios, minimizing the impact of market volatility and watching over the shoulders of other agents from the team as they execute their functions. 

In short, while Elann is doing your homework in terms of research for you, executes your transaction as you talk to your wallet laying on the beach. And all this time Warren is carefully monitoring the risks and performance of the other agents. This visionary set-up of team of agents will over time substitute 80% of the work of asset managers and wealth managers. The remaining human factor will still be there for a while yet will be reduced significantly handling over most tasks to machines. 

Meet the team and start your very personal AI journey with us

Our aim is to democratize and enhance AI agent development by leveraging blockchain technology. Backed by an experienced team and knowledgeable AI-Crypto community, we have all the tools to develop and deploy cutting-edge AI agents. Our initial focus on DeFi with,, and highlights the potential to to bring DeFi closer to mass adoption. Yet GriffinAI, upon mainnet launch, will be open to all agent developers and AI solution providers, as well as Dapps and even agent builders, creators without any technical skills. The future of GriffinAI and the community rests in their hands.  We strongly believe that we can build a better AI together.

So dont wait for it to happen, get your access to AI tools early on and earn exclusive crypto rewards by joining the GriffinAI OGs community today! And get ready to read all the details about GriffinAI in the white paper which we will be dropping in the coming days. Also this week, meet us live on 15-16 May at CONF3RENCE 2024: Europe’s TOP Web3 & AI Event | Dortmund. Stop by our booth full of pleasant surprises and start your very personal AI journey with us.